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Theo Rossi Set For Tubi-Bound Bounty Hunter Pic ‘The Getback’

EXCLUSIVE: Hot off an Independent Spirit Award nom for his supporting role in the hit crime thriller Emily the Criminal, Theo Rossi has...

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Matt Grobar

The Getback Still & Key Art Features Scream VI Star Dermot Mulroney

Tubi and Mutiny Films have teamed up to create the upcoming thriller The Getback, and Screen Rant is proud to present an exclusive first look.


Rachel Foertsch

Kate Watson opens up about 'Killer Advice' film on Lifetime
(includes interview)

Watson stars in Killer Advice alongside Thomas, Eric Roberts, Steve Richard Harris, Gigi Gustin, and Keith Sutliff in...


Markos Papadatos

Steve Richard Harris talks about 'Killer Advice' film on Lifetime

Actor Steve Richard Harris chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about starring in the Lifetime film "Killer Advice." He also...


Markos Papadatos

'Her Deadly Groom': Lifetime's thriller retains the suspense long enough to...

As viewers, what we might find intriguing is the fine balance that’s been struck between romance



Dermot Mulroney, Shane Paul McGhie and Kim Coates Join ‘The Getback’ Alongside...

Rossi leads the film as Mal Cooper, a bounty hunter who must retrieve a con artist criminal accountant and keep him alive. Upon finding the criminal...


Julia MacCary

Tubi has acquired writer-director Jared Cohn’s action film Lord of the Streets...

In the film, Jason Dyson (Criss) refuses to make his prized fighter throw an MMA match. Subsequently, a notorious gangster...

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Matt Grobar

‘Christmas Queen’ Meredith Thomas gets Dicey with her ‘Killer Advice’

Dubbed the Christmas Queen, Meredith Thomas is the busiest woman on Lifetime Television. Her latest film Killer Advice is now on...


Hawaiian born Kate Watson tells us about her beginnings, her wild new thriller Killer

In Lifetime thriller Killer Advice, Beth (Kate Watson) suffers a traumatic attack, her family and friends



The Movie Waffler

Attention, Dirty John Fans: You're Going To Want To Watch This Lifetime Movie

Navigating online dating can already be daunting, but in Lifetime's new movie Her Deadly Groom, it turns


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Twitter: @Kellybean0415

Naughty By Nature Rapper Treach Joins Cast of Action Film ‘The Getback’

Legendary Naughty by Nature rapper Anthony “Treach” Criss has joined the upcoming action film, “The Getback,” set to air on Tubi this year. “Veep”...


Joshua Vinson

Twitter: @TheJoshAVinson

The Asylum has acquired foreign distribution rights to Jared Cohn’s Killer Advice...

Mutiny Films’ Demetrius Stear, Jared Cohn, and Jubal Kaplankohn produced the thriller, which also



Tom Grater

Who Is Gorgeous Daughter Jess in ‘Killer Advice’ Lifetime Movie?

In the Lifetime movie Killer Advice, after suffering from a traumatic attack, Beth (Kate Watson, Her Deadly Groom) seeks...


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"Michael DeVorzon is a lethal charmer in this deliciously dramatic take on an old...

Since her divorce from her loathsome ex-husband, Alison May (Kate Watson) has devoted herself to



Review: Michael DeVorzon superb in 'Her Deadly Groom' film on Lifetime

Actor Michael DeVorzon stars as Vincent in the romantic thriller "Her Deadly Groom" on Lifetime, where



Markos Papadatos

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